Noun: any real or imagined place offering peace and simplicity

Jules is a 24 year old, living in Melbourne and working in marketing. Not at all the shy and retiring type, Jules wears her heart on her sleeve and is always happy to dish out a bold opinion. Learning the hard way that life can be tough in your twenties, she is not afraid to call out her own faults and insecurities or deliver a solid back-handed truth-slap to those wallowing in self-pity. Her dry sense of humour rife in her unfiltered commentary, Jules thinks of herself not as a cynic but rather in Alain de Botton’s words as ‘an idealist with awkwardly high standards’. Not afraid to be challenged or admit that she is wrong, Jules is simply trying to make sense of the world around her by throwing stones and watching the ripples. Fiercely loyal and honest to a fault, she’s not everyone’s cup of tea but probably better described as a double-shot espresso: likely to kick you up the butt if you’re falling asleep.

‘Et in Arcadia Ego’ – Even in Arcadia, there I am


7 thoughts on “About

  1. You had me at unicorn… Loved reading your blog, I’ll defiantly be stopping by again. I agree with your train of thought and have experienced similar highs and lows of singledom and dating. Keep it up girl. Love it! Xx Erin

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  2. You’ve got a very interesting blog! Love your about page. You got another follower! I’ve got to ask one thing, what’s your personality? The only reason that I’m asking this is because your comment to me and your about page seem to like my personality. I’m just curious!


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